Saturday, September 08, 2007

God is Great!

I am thankful that God is in control. A situation arose yesterday that was pretty disturbing. I got up and got ready for work. As I normally do, I left the house around 7:15-7:30 am. I noticed my roommate's car was not next to mine. I thought it odd, but assumed she had to go to work early to catch up in the office since she had been out of town earlier in the week (she normally does not leave the house before I do). The day proceeds as normal. As I lead my class back to the room after school pictures are taken, we pass the principal and another teacher speaking to a police officer. How odd. As lunch ended and my class was lining up, my other roommate came to me and asked what time I left the house. So I told her and asked why. Our other roommate's car had been stolen. Her dad passed the house at 7am and it was there. So, in that 15-30 minutes before I left, it had been taken. I also find out that 3 laptops were also stolen from various teachers' rooms. This roommate's included. I was in disbelief. When school ended, I headed over to the other building to clean it up before evening classes, I find out the car had been found! Praise God!
The story of how the car was found was really interesting. A lady and her son were going to the house they are selling to feed their cat that had had kittens recently. I guess they left the garage door open 18 inches or so to allow the cat to get in from the elements. She opens the garage door to find a car inside of it! She calls the realtor to find out what she should do. The realtor advises her to call the police. She did and that was how the car was found. Both of my roommates go to that house and meet up with the detectives. The trunk had been cleaned out (it was in the garage) and there was something in the back seat. Once the police opened the car (had to use a Slim-Jim), they looked at the item in the back seat. It was a duffle bag and it was pretty heavy. They unzipped the bag and inside were the three stolen laptops! God is so good!
At this point, it is still unclear as to who committed this double felony, but it is being worked on.

Those special moments

Student: Teacher! [pointing to another student at a lunch table] He is going to tattle on me!
Teacher: And what are you doing?
Student: [mulling it over in his mind] Oh….wait….never mind… [returns to seat]
Aide: [hand over mouth and trying to contain herself] giggle…I couldn't have done that with out cracking a smile!

Students are telling a teacher some of their heritages (German, English, Irish, and such). One student pipes up: Teacher, I come from Arkansas!
Teacher: Oh, so you're Arkansese?
Student: Uh-huh!

These are true situations that occurred within the last two weeks! Lol! Again, there is never a dull moment as a teacher!