Friday, October 28, 2005

Where I came from

Most people have no idea who I am. They only think they know. I guess that is partly my fault, though. I don't make it a point to air my life in front of everyone I meet.
I grew up in a home that was constantly on the move... from dwelling to dwelling, that is. There have been at least ten moves my family has made in the last 22 years. Well, what I can remember, anyways. We have lived in a pop-up camper at the fairgrounds to a pretty nice house (where they are at now). But I'm not a nomadic person. I went to 3 elementary school, 2 middle schools, and 2 high schools. The only thing good about it was that it was between only 2 school districts.
Family life...
That'll be a long one and I only have ten minutes to do this until I have to go back and teach art.
We were/are poor in the financial aspects, but pretty spoiled in the possession aspects. I don't know too many other kids who had their own go-carts, mopeds, mini-bikes, and the list goes on and on. Possessions are not what life is about. They do not buy love. I had ALOT of stuff, but not much of a family.
Alcohol and abuse were witnessed in my family. What scars I have, what skeletons are hiding in my closet. Those are things I don't share with others. Most people I know have no idea. Such naivete. Most of the people I know have not seen their dad throw a table at their mom. Most have not been scared to death of getting into an accident because of riding in a vehicle of which a person was under the influence. Most have not stayed at more than one safe-house in their life or been afraid of being taken away from the family they do know (by the social services). I have been to see school counselors while elementary school.
So much is involved in my life.
Where I am at NOW
Bible college
adult life
moving on

I'll have to finish later...gotta go...

Letting off some steam...

I want to post a "real" entry, but there's not enough time to do that right now.
For me, things are going pretty well. The candy sale is over and I will be getting back on my normal schedule of things (with teaching, that is). Empowered Youth is coming up quick and now I have to find the time to do my White Glove duties. I think I can get it done on Wednesday. I have three bulletin boards due Monday as well as a motivational idea.
Have you ever dealt with someone who asks for your advice and when you give it to them, they go to someone else because they didn't like what you said? I'm tired of dealing with people like that. Some of the people I go to school with have changed so much. I don't talk to those I used to. I don't want to. Too many have gotten to that "me first" stage in their adult life and they are driving me nuts! There was one girl I was getting to be better friends with, but now that she is student teaching, the friendship is gone. She has become a snot to me. So, now, I don't even bother trying to sit by her or even talk to her anymore. Is that wrong of me? I just don't want to deal with it any more.
I can't wait to be done with school. I'm tired of being the student. Only 49 days to go...
There is another person I deal quite often who wants to have ongoing pity parties and "woe is me". She didn't like what I told her. Oh well. Granted, she has had a lot of stuff go on in her life the last couple of months, but doesn't everybod else?