Monday, June 01, 2009

Welcome summer!

School ended last Friday. While I love every child in my class, this summer break has been long overdue! I received a couple end-of-the-year gifts. Chocolate, candles, a plant, Starbucks card, B&BW soap, and a remote controlled Grave Digger monster truck. I had to laugh when I heard the story behind the monster truck. My student's mom was going to give me a plant and the student said no and that I liked monster trucks. That is a true statement. lol!

Well, I'm waiting to fins out where exactly I'll be moving to. A friend just let me know of a place that is extremely affordable and not too far from my work. It even includes utilities, washer/dryer, swimming pool, and gym. I have a meeting about that tomorrow after work. If that does not work out, I'll be moving into one of the church apartments, basically across my backyard. Either way, both options have pros and cons. Living on the church property has been a blessing while I have an unreliable car. I really don't have an excuse for being late to work. But, the other place will allow me some privacy.

I had a meeting with the principal today. It went well for me. I know that I have a job next year. What is unfortunate is that I have a few friends that do not. I know the Lord is control, but it is hard to see good friends hurting. Finding out during out service week is much better than the beginning of the school year. Psa. 61:2

I've been able to finish up most of my classroom. I have some more paperwork to complete, though. There are a number of areas that I need improvement in. Those I will be working on this summer.

I get to go to Florida at the end of the week. I'm so excited! My friend Sarah is getting married. At first, I was just invited to the wedding. Then, I was asked to be the guest book attendant. I gladly accepted. Then, I purchased my plane tickets. After I sent my friend that information, she called me up to ask if I would like to be a bridesmaid since another one of her friends was no longer able to make it to the wedding. I gladly accepted that position as well. Now, just as long as the bride doesn't back out. I'm not filling the bride's place! :)

I can't believe how quickly things are already going this summer. I'm still trying to nail down a job, but I know the Lord will provide.