Saturday, March 10, 2007

This has been a rather eventful week for a couple of my students. I had one come in on Thursday who felt fine until math class and then he complained that his head hurt. I told him to rest his head on the desk and we'll see how he feels at lunch time. Now, this child normally eats the entire lunch time (and, no, he's no slow at eating, his mom packs him a good size lunch and he enjoys it). This time, he didn't even crack open his lunchbox. Uh-oh. I brought my emergency contact info folder with me so I could call. I tried his mom's answer. I tried the work was wrong. The older brother said his teacher has a number, so I went to that teacher and asked if he would get me that number. He did and I finally got through to mom. I told her that her child was not himself. She came and got him and I guess on the way out, he vomited all over the place. Poor kid! When his mom came to pick up the older brother during dismissal, she told me that he had started to feel better, but then vomited yet again. She told me she was going to keep in home the next day.
Then, Karyn asked me if I could watch her kids (one of which was sick with a fever) and I did. It was an interesting night. The fever went as high as 103.2. We gave her Motrin and put a cold-pack on her head. She had a popscicle, and after a while, her temp dropped to 99.9. Meanwhile, I am also watching 3 of the other kids as well. The middle boy gave me such trouble about doing his homework and ignored me. When he finally did work on his homework, he threw these hissy fits about not being able to smush the entire definition on one line. I told him to continue it on the next line and he said he couldn't because he already numbered it. After a few more outbursts, I grabbed his homework, wadded it up, and threw it away and told him to start over and do it right. He looked at me in a way that said "I can't believe you did that." I told him that if he even thought about throwing another fit, I'd take that paper and toss it out as well. He didn't like that either, but he did get it done without the fit.
Friday, my recess aide came in asking for the another number to call for a student who got injured while playing. This child is not a "crier" and he was crying that his wrist hurt. I guess he fell and landed on his wrist. I had to remind the aide that his mom had just left for a missions trip and that she should try dad's number. Dad came and got him. I stopped by their house on my home after school/day care to check up (I didn't get an answer when I had called). He had a clean break and is now in a cast up to his elbow of his writing hand. I told him that I'll accept some sloppy writing for a little while, but not for too long (of course, I was just joking!) and dad thanked me for stopping by (I dropped off the forgotten lunchbox and an accident report).
Then, this morning, I get a phone call at 6:45 am. I groggily answer it and on the other end is a frantic Karyn who needs to take one of her girls to the hospital (the same one who was sick and who I watched) and that she needs someone to watch the two kids who were home. I drove over. The poor sick child had another fever, a rash had developed, and her thumb was swollen. We found out that it was a viral infection that she just hasn't gotten over yet and that her thumb had an infection in it (I guess it was a different one that affected the rest of her body). Tough stuff for a 4 year old.
I did get to go to a Stampin' Up workshop today (only after I brought the two kids I was watching home with me and leave them with my roommates). I had a good time with all the ladies who showed up and I was invited to another party that'll be in a couple of weeks. I'm going to try to attend, but its on a Friday night and that's the night I work later in the day care. We'll see what happens.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I know this is long overdue and I'm sorry about that. I thought it would be easier to update, but now I know realize that I am pretty busy! School is going well. I know that this is my "learning year", and I have been in a state of review with different things. I can see some errors I made and areas in which I can improve upon for next year and years to come.

I can't believe its March already! When I student taught, I remember that the small blocks in which I taught, it seemed to take forever, but now, I can't seem to get everything in! I've recently started reading The Boxcar Children to my students and now many of them are checking that series out of the library now. I find it rewarding to see my students step up to a new challenge and get excited about reading. I have seen a few students improve so much and I wonder what it was that I said!

I am still involved in the nursery and special music/choir and I've been going out visiting with Karyn (whom I babysit for once a week). My biggest ministry, though, is to the students I teach. We have a pretty open enrollment, and with that, we do get some students who's families don't even attend church. Please be in prayer for these students. I want to be a good example to them because I want to plant the seed of salvation in their lives as well as challenge those who have already accepted the Lord into their lives.

We are getting ready for our ODACS competition next week. I will helping with the judging of the vocals. This will be my first experience of competitions without being in them myself. I've already heard it will be a long day. We do get the day after off to recoup! :)

I do have another prayer request. I have been without a car since the end of January. Now, I'm not worried about it because I know the Lord will provide where a need is, and people have been helping me out. One of roommates let me borrow her car a number of times and my Sunday School teacher let me borrow one of his family's extra vehicles. He said I could use it as long as I need to. For this I am very thankful.

I will be traveling at the end of April. I'm going to a couple days of Preaching Conference back in Indiana. I'm excited about this! I've already booked my tickets and I'm trying to plan who all I am going to try to spend time with. I do have to take time off from work to go and my boss was kind enough to allow me to take that time off. He did tell me that, at first, he was a bit leery of me and my college. I guess he had not heard of it before. He also told me that I have impressed him and he even asked me if I know of anyone else who's looking for a teaching position. He's not the only one, so I hear. I've been told that I am doing a great job for this being my first year. The funniest thing I've heard so far is that one teacher thought I had a few years under my belt. She thought I was joking when I said this was my first year.

Well, I must be going. I'd love to hear what's going on in your corner of the world. I like being able to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. Hope to hear from you soon!

In His service,

Friday, March 02, 2007

This has been an interesting week, to say the least. Monday morning I work up kind of disoriented, thinking that my alarm was set went off at 6:15am....and I thought it was Sunday! It took me a few moments to realize that I needed to get up. What a way to start a Monday!

Tuesday, I was put in an awkward situation. I had my kids lined up out in the hallway for their bathroom break and one of the aides came up to me and said that she had someone she wants me to meet. Huh? Do I appear desperate or something? Goodness. And right in front of my kids. After school, I went out shopping for some new stuff for my bedroom. I found what I wanted from Office Depot for less than $100! I got a new bookshelf and a desk. I put them both together that night. My room is still a bit of disarray, but its coming together.

This week has been bit of a blur. All the days mesh into each other. I do know that my kids do things each day to bring a smile to my face. One of the first graders came up to me today and gave me a hug and said she was going to be in my class next week. I looked at her and said, "Next week?" Then she realized what she said and changed it to next year. She is such a sweetie!

I got my ODACS assignment the other day. I'm going to judge in the vocal competition. This is a bit different for me. I'm used to being the judged, not the judge! All those years of choirs.
I get home from work and then Annmarie asks me to run up to the store to get another paint roller since she broke the one she was using. So I did. Then I helped her finish paint the living room. It looks very nice. I've never painted before in my life. I did some of the edge work. Then, we find out Annmarie left the water on and flooded the kitchen! The counter, floor, under the fridge, and 4 drawers were soaked. All I could do was laugh at Annmarie for all that had happened. Then I changed the lights in the kitchen and hallway to a brighter wattage. This old house really does need some work in the lighting department.

Annmarie said that if I'd finish cleaning up the flood, she'd clean the bathroom til May. LOL! It was her mess in the first place!

Oh, my Sunday school teacher and his family is allowing me to borrow their "beater" car until I can get another one. The funny thing is, their "beater" is nice than any "nice" car I owned! I had a good laugh with Juanita about that.