Thursday, September 29, 2011


First, let me say that I love my church. I am thankful the Lord brought me out this way in 2006. Being where God wants you is better than being where you think you want to be.

The three churches I have attended have all had some great ministries to get involved in. There were fellowship opportunities for many of the age groups: Nursery, toddlers, primary, juniors, Jr. high, high school, college and career, young marrieds, older marrieds, even the older folks in general. But what about the single professionals? We're too old for the college and career class, but don't fit in with the marrieds.

From my perch in the choir loft, I notice people. Those people that are my age are generally married or engaged. They have concerns and priorities that are different than mine.

It seems there are all sorts of fellowship opportunities for the teens. They need that. But don't we all? The moms and dads can get together with other families and  have play dates. I am grateful for the families that have included me in some of their events, but I know I've still felt a bit left out.

I think churches need to do something more for their single professionals. We need fellowship too! Many of us work more than one job and see no one but our coworkers. I wish we had something like the BYF the teens have. I'd love to get together with others from other churches. How else will I meet different people of like station?

I think young ladies have a more difficult time than the young men do. Not sure why, though. Maybe because I see it happening. Most of the people I did see outside of church were those who had families of their own to take care of. I certainly appreciate being included, but sometimes it's tough to feel plugged-in with families that aren't mine.

Anyway, that's all I've got to say at the moment.