Monday, March 27, 2006


Saturday was great and I didn't want it to end. My mom, sister, and brother pulled in moments before my unsuspecting aunt and I had them pull around to the back lot. Then My aunt pulled in and I told her to I wanted to show her something and that she should park in the back. She pulled into the spot right in front of my mom. My aunt talked for a bit and then looked up and said that the lady in that car looked like me, the she almost looked like my mom. I told her it was my mom! What a happy reunion it was! Then we went out for dinner at Ryan's and then we went to the mall.
My aunt bought my brother a new pair of jeans and a t-shirt and then she and my sister got the top of their ear pierced and tried talking me into it, but I said no. One hole in each ear is plenty for me! It did get to sit in those massaging chairs. That felt so good on my aching back.
I start house-sitting/puppy-sitting tonight! Yay! I can't wait! I get to have a whole house to myself for about a week. And a dog! It will certainly be refreshing.
I am done with school in less than two months! Wow! Time sure does fly.
Have a blessed day!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Just some thoughts

After four years of being here for college, it's almost hard to think of what I will be doing once I leave. I don't know where God wants me yet. I was told my church back home is in need of some help, but I just don't know. I am praying about it, but then again, Pastor has not even talked to me about it, so....
Also, I have gone through quite a bit of emotional ups and downs while being here. When I first got here, I wanted to leave and never come back. I just didn't like it. It wasn't what I was used to. I also had a lot of growing up to do over the years. It wasn't until the middle of my sophomore year that I finally accepted that this was God's will for my life right now. My, how things changed then! I have truly come to love this place and the people. I have made some great friends (many who not even college students, but regular church members). I have had the opportunity to participate in a number of the different ministries available to serve in. I was in the nursing home ministry, nursery, Spanish ministry (in the nursery...I don't even know enough Spanish to get me trouble...that's what happens when you take German in high doesn't really get used!), subbed on the bus ministry, getting out visiting on a regular basis (I had not gotten too involved...shame on me...while at home before college), Saturday bus visiting (for over a year now), and the Master Clubs children's ministry. I really like Master Clubs. From what I am told, it is kind of like Awanas Clubs or Patch Clubs (I've never even been to any of those). I love being the 1st grade girls club leader. My girls this year are doing a great job in their books (mainly memorizing Scripture, which is excellent and what every Christian ought to be doing). Last night, I was given the responsibility of the Bible story for class time. This is the second time this semester. I had the girls act out (pantomime, actually) the story of Jairus's daughter. I think I had half the class up there. I used to dread getting up in front people, even children, to tell a story or even give a testimony. God is so great when He enables us to do something we know we could not accomplish on our own.
If there was one thing I could have (should have) changed, it would have been to work in a Sunday School class. I was offered the opportunity to do it once at home (as a sub), but I shied away from it, thinking I wouldn't do a good job. I would not have done a good job, but Christ in me would have been able to enable me if I would have given Him the chance. I think I have missed out on a wonderful opportunity to serve Christ in that aspect.
God has done some wonderful things in my life spiritually these last four years and I am very grateful for His love and mercy He has bestowed on my life.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The day care is quite interesting. Last night after the last child left, April and I had to rearrange a few things and make small, green footprints around the building. Now, I do not celebrate St. Patrick's Day for what it has become (greedy money seeking), but at the day care, they have their parties (today and tomorrow). So, when they came in this morning, they were told that Finnigan the Leprechaun played some tricks on us (the rearranging) and left muddy footprints all over. They tried to keep quiet so they could hunt him down. Jody said she was going to set a trap and try to catch him later (liquid gold gold glitter in a clear cup). After a little bit, the teachers were saying that they saw him running. Then came the chase. Those kids ran to each room looking for Finnigan. Then Jody showed the cup and it was green. They did not catch him, but he left a note and some shamrock stickers and green plastic coins. They kids were cute running around looking for Finnigan.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'm feeling much better now! Yay! It feels good to feel good again.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Often times it is so easy to get our eyes off of God and on to ourselves. We start looking at situations and what is around us right now. I want to take just a moment to share some blessings that can with getting Strep:

1. I have experienced it and can be sincere when I tell others "I know how you feel"

2. I got some much needed rest

3. A 4-day weekend from the day care (I really do enjoy working there, but I was quite run down)

4. I did not have to get up at 6:30 in the morning

5. Others pitched in to help me for my ministries on Thursday night

Have a blessed day!

Friday, March 10, 2006

On the mend

Well, after two days of much sleep, I am finally starting to feel a bit better. Thank you to those who were praying for me. It was weird to see white spots all over my tonsils. Yuck! I've been taking my antibiotics (but I have to take them for 10 days), gargling with salt water, trying to drink fluids (but it still hurts!), and eating a little here and there. I did have to call off work again, but because of a remaining fever. I feel really bad about missing work, but policy is policy. I can say that I do not like Gatorade at all! I still have some more to drink.

The doctor I saw was the same one I had when I went in for Bronchitis. He gave me a coupon for my prescription and I ended up getting it for free! How great is that? Well, enough for now.

How is everyone else doing?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Well, I guess I will keep on getting sick with things I never had before I came to college. Right now, I have Strep. It's not fun and I had to miss work today. Being a workaholic, that really bugs me, but I do not want to pass this on to the kids (I probably got it from them, though). I slept in today. I never get to do that. I got up a little before lunch time to shower and get ready for lunch. I have some things to get ready for Master Clubs. I have verse for both Round-up Time and class time. Lets see what I can come up with.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Monday, February 27, 2006

Hmmm...some little boys are trying to win my heart and it's working! Bailey made me a stamp art picture and it was hanging on the fridge at work. On the front said "Miss Nicole" and on the back said "from Bailey." How cute! Then today, while being the outside teacher (more or less watching the kids play outside, 3 yr old Jordan came up to me, grabbed my hand and said, "let's go for a walk." So we walked around the playground. These kids are too cute!

Well, I must get going. Much to do before I head to work again. Have a blessed day!