Sunday, July 02, 2006

With two year old girls, there is never a dull moment.
I go in the junior church class after choir is dismissed. Well, everything started out normal...As bathroom break began, we smelled something really rank. It had to have been one of the diapered kids. I look around and then spotted her (Alexia): covered in poop! EWWW!!! On her hands, legs, shoes, and outfit. GROSS! She smeared it on one of the chairs. I grabbed her arms and held them away from her and everything else while another lady went around trying to get up the poop from the carpet. The other two ladies were taking the non-diapered kids to the bathroom. When they returned, one of those ladies and I took Alexia to the bathroom and cleaned her up and changed her clothes. The we realized: her diaper was not messy or even wet for that matter. She was not our culprit! She was a victim!The culprit was found out (Inky...well, that is what we people at church/on bus call her since her family calls her Stinky...I wonder why...). Inky was sent to church (she is a bus kid) without wearing a diaper. She is not potty trained. That is recipe for disaster!

I'll be helping in the library later for the summer reading program for the kids. That'll be fun.

My mom called me yesterday and left a message on my VM. She told me Golden Homes Health Care Agency called for me. Did they not realize that the application they had was at least 5 years old? I put in the app when I graduated high school. I did one small job for them and they didn't call me for another one for 5-6 months. Then they try to call 5 years later like I'm sitting around at home waiting for them? lol... That's funny! My mom wanted to provide me with a laugh and that worked! We did laugh about it. I guess it's good to know they still have my app on file...I guess.


Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

If everything works out, I will be in Hammond next week for the youth conf. It would be neat if you could "swing by" one night!! :)

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Yes, its at First Baptist. My brother and I are possibly going as chaperones.