Tuesday, December 05, 2006

These have been a very busy few weeks for me. I'm involved in the music ministry here, and I had two solos last week (due to the scheduling for the month), one next week, a VBC winter concert last night, and two cantata performances this weekend (as well as all the rehearsals). Whew!

The VBC (Virginia Baptist College) concert was interesting. I was asked to be a substitute soprano in the combined groups. Mind you, I'm not in either singing group! I accepted and I like the song. I have nothing to do with VCB at this time, so I found that to be a little funny. I just recently found out that we are also singing this song during the cantata. I think my voice will get a little tired after this weekend. I am enjoying this ministry.

I got my hunting license the other day. I'm looking to going this weekend. I'm the only female going . My roommates are giving me a hard time about one of the fellows. Apparently, my name and this guy's name came up in a conversation today. My roommate told someone that I got my license and this other person said it was a good thing because this guy would be disappointed. What!?!?! First off this guy and I don't even talk to each other. Second, "snagging" a guy here is not my goal. I am a teacher here. Doing God's will for my life at this moment is my priority. My roommates are having quite the time trying to play matchmaker. Why don't people let God work in His own timing?

I'm looking forward to going home in a couple of weeks. I'll have to drive my tank, though, and then fly back. I did Hank running on Saturday. He roared to life.

Carol and Adam are supposed to be flying in to Richmond tomorrow! I do hope they can make it up for church tomorrow and that I can make it to Chesterfield without getting lost. Carol and Adam are here for a friend's wedding. I've not seen Carol since she and Adam jumped into the limo for their honeymoon.

Recently, I've been reading through Ruth and Esther. I enjoy reading about these ladies.What stands they took while many were against them. Ruth was not expected to go off with Naomi, but she chose to. Here's something I've gathered: Ruth could be a picture of the person who is coming to know Christ (Boaz). Ruth comes into a family that has Christ, but they chose to trust their own thoughts for a while. God knows all that is going to happen. The family undergoes great loss for the decisions they made as they turned from God's plan for them. Naomi turns back to God and Ruth follows her. From there, she meets Boaz while trying to do the right thing to help Naomi. Then, Naomi finally stops looking at all her woes and realizes that Ruth's meeting with Boaz was a great thing: he is a near kinsman. He can redeem the family name.That is what Christ does for us. He redeems our name so that we can stand before God. How incredible is that? There is nothing that we in ourselves can do to get rid of our sin. We are sinful. But, God created a way for us by giving us His one and only Son.

This CHRISTmas season, remember what it is about. It's not about getting and giving gifts. It's about the birth of Jesus Christ, Who lived 33 1/2 years to live a perfect life and bear our sins upon Calvary. What better gift is there than receiving the gift of salvation? How about you? Are you going to receive the gift, or reject it? That is your most important decision you will make in life.


Nicholas Cardot said...

Are you in denial about some guy at school? And you post about it on your blog? Wow.

Just kidding. I hope you make it through all your busy schedule. Have fun and God bless.

Nicole said...

I'm not in denial...I'm telling the truth!
What I didn't know before coming out here was that people like playing matchmaker around here. Even the pastor does! One of the couples he matched just recently had their first child and they couldn't be happier.

BEWARE: I blog things that happen in my life. :)

Cathy said...

Nicole you can use a man. They are handy, had mine for quite sometime, it just takes alittle smacking around to get them broke in, after that it is all a breeze.