Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Well, I found out some interesting information today. Not sure if I was supposed to know about yet. I asked my supervisor about the enrollment for next year's 2nd grade. It did go up from the last time, but the school as a whole has dropped in number. I think this is happening partly because people don't like change. There were 6 new teachers and a new administrator hired in for this year. He doesn't put up with all the junk. I like working with him. Anyway, I was told that about 6 teachers have decided that they aren't going to come back next year. Reminds me of a previous post I wrote about God's will. I was also told that I may be asked to change grades, going from second to fourth. I told my supervisor that I am willing if the need be. I do get to work a little bit with the future 4th graders since I have 2-3 grade afterschool care. Oh, that's what I'll not be doing next year. No daycare for me. Especially if I'm might be teaching 4th. There will be a lot more homework and tests to grade and I'll need the time to do. Other changes I'm not too fond of are that I (well, all elementary teachers) may have to teach their own computers, PE, and music classes along with the art class we already have to teach. PE can be their recess and music I can add to Bible class, but computers is what I am dreading. I don't have the training to teach the class, not even at a second grade level. I just know enough for myself to get by on. I don't have the technical jaron or the typing skills. I'll have to wait and see, though.
Well, I must be getting to bed.

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