Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I've been rather contemplative lately. I just have a myriad of emotions flowing (I know, typical female). School has been going well. Nothing too major except the incident that occurred last week, but that has been addressed. I really like having Josh as the upper elementary supervisor even if he picks on me. Well, they all pick on me! :) Is it my fault they wait til the last minute to get things in? This week has been rough for a few of my students. Several have been absent because of sickness. I also have one who is going to be out for the next 15 days because her family (missionaries) are heading to Serbia (I keep wanting to say Siberia). I'm excited for her, but I did not enjoy trying to get all of her homework/make-up work together before she left.
My grandma recently had to have another surgery since the pin they put in popped out (when she broke her hip). My mom called me to tell me that it went well. I guess they re-adjusted the rod (to alleviate pain in her knee) and redid the pin and put a plate over it to keep it from popping out again.
I am concerned for my family. Please keep them in prayer. My dad especially for salvation. I need to talk to him. My sister is trying to "live it up" and finding it to be empty. So she keeps on searching. Fullness comes from the Lord. My brother is a carbon copy of my dad. I know he's doing things he shouldn't be doing (because my sister told me). I sometimes feel like I failed my family. As soon as my brother turned four, I had him at church with me on the church bus. Now he rarely attends. I know that the Word of the Lord will not return void, but its heart-breaking to see my family make the wrong decisions. Mom is just living day-to-day. I know she is fed up with the way things have been going. As far as I know, they are still in the process of finding a new place. From what I hear, Dad is starting to get things out, so that's a good thing.
Now, I don't say all this for pity. I am concerned for my family. I love them and I desire them to come to develop a relationship with the Lord and make the right choices in life. I just can't do it for them.
I really enjoy my Sunday School class. It has grown over the last few weeks and I am no longer the only female there. I think there are more females than males now, so that's great. :) I have been dubbed the class secretary and I'm not sure why. I don't know some of the people who are now coming to class. I hadn't seen some of them before and they've been attending the church here longer than I have. I did make a class website (that was interesting) and I do the upkeep on it. I am enjoying that part of my secretarial job.
Please keep me in prayer as I need wisdom in some areas I'm dealing with. I do hope that whoever reads this has a blessed day. :)

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Christa said...

Hi Nicole! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog; it's good to hear from you. I read your post so that was a nice way to catch up with you as well. I'm glad you're enjoying your teaching job!