Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I am unable to access my Xanga right now, so I will update by way of blogger. It's not my choice online journal, but it will suffice.
I am half way through teacher orientation and we have had some great meetings thus far. Friday, the school is hosting lunch at a restaurant (for the teachers, of course!). I have been very busy and I am very tired right now (and it's only 9 pm!). I had to do a bunch of paperwork and lesson plans. It's hard to understand everything a new school wants you to do, but I know its possible to get through in one piece.
I have been working on getting my room in order. It's starting to take shape. I have my main bulletin board finished and recently I have been working on the room decorations. I'm almost done with those. I just may call it a night and get some much needed sleep. After I stop for dinner, though.
I really am looking forward to the opportunity to teach. I also want to make a Godly impression on my students. Have a great night!
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