Sunday, January 28, 2007

Did you know that in Nigeria, 1 out of every 5 babies die before they reach the age of one year? Did you know that out of those, 1 in 6 die before they reach the age of 5? The Nigerians are spiritually hungry and grab whatever comes their way. They embrace many cults because of their hunger. They often mix works with salvation and not fully understand true salvation.
How about Russia? Inside one of the cities on the eastern part, there are 49 orphanages? Did you know that most of these children have never heard the Gospel?
In Canada, the Cree people do not want to called Native Americans or Indians, but Native Canadians. Also, the Cree are very "handy" people, as they make many incredible pieces of jewelry and hair clips.
These are just some of the things I have heard about this week during our Missions Conference. Bro. Bragg has been the speaker and is a seasoned missionary who has spent time in the hard and Muslim country of Senegal. I had the opportunity to meet Bro. Bragg a few years ago when I went to Camp BIMI. I have enjoyed this week immensely. I like hearing what goes on while the missionaries are on the field or deputation or even on furlough. A few even shared some humorous incidents! I liked the one about the missionary being offered live grubs, and not knowing the culture too well at that point, popped it in a chewed it. You're supposed to swallow it whole. He likened to a teenager popping their zits. We all laughed and "ewwed" at that.
These missionaries are just saved and sanctified sinners who have yielded to the call of God. They shared trials and triumphs of their experiences. During Thursday and Friday, we had a chapel session and a chat & challenge session. During the chat & challenge, a couple of missionaries told the children about their fields and then the floor was opened up for questions. Mind you, this is K-5. One of my students asked the following question: Do you have donuts there?
The missionary did answer (yes, where we are going does have donuts) but stated that there are some places that don't. The next missionary addressed that question just as he got up there. We all chuckled at that.
While in high school, I surrendered to call of missions if the Lord would lead in that direction. I do know that missions is even in your own neighborhood. Right now, my mission field is that of my classroom and my new area of service. It is neat to see where God leads when He is allowed to do such a thing. Too many times, young, single teachers go off to a position in search of something other than God's will. We (as in teachers here) were given intent forms about our positions for next year. I've had a few people ask me if I was coming back. I told them as long as this is where the Lord wants me, I'll be here. I don't feel led to leave here. This is where the Lord wants me. I'll be here. Sometimes, it’s hard to know that some folks that claim to be following God are really just following money or relationships. How sincere is their faith?

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