Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
My car made it over 1,000 miles to make it from VA to MI to IN and back to MI.

I had a great time with my family and friends. I sure do miss everyone already. My break was too short! Nevertheless, I am now back in VA. The flight itself was very uneventful (praise the Lord!) but luggage was another story. First, I checked in my carry-on on accident and then had to carry my duffle full of clothes as my carry-on. I get to the gate that was on my ticket only to find out that I still had another 10 gates to go due to a gate change. Once I got to Dulles, I'm waiting for my luggage to be loaded on the carousel and I see my big duffle that carried all of my Christmas presents. I did not see my accidentally checked in carry-on anywhere. Then I go to the info desk for my flight and find out that my other piece of luggage was coming in on the next flight…in three hours! That one had my purse (minus my wallet because that was in my coat pocket) and house keys in it. They said they would deliver it to me. I was thinking "by mail" and "in 3-5 working days." I was wrong. They said it would be at my house by 8pm that night (I got in at noon). Well, I did get a couple of phone calls from the airline only to find out that it would be later than that. The final time they said was midnight. I decided to wait up for it. Midnight came and went. It did arrive (finally) at 1:30am. Boy was I tired! Oh, I did get into the house. My roommates were got home at 4pm from their trip to Florida.

For New Year's Eve I went to the watch-night service at church. A few of the preacher boys preached and then there were some games to play and food to eat followed by a time of testimonies and then prayer to bring in the New Year. It was my first New Year away from home. My first one in VA. Kind of sad, kind of exciting. I ended up not staying the whole night, though. I went home and there was a small party with a few ladies and a chick flick. It was just different from the other New Year's Eves I've done: Surrounded by people I don't really know.

Well, I think this has been an eventful year. Much different than any other. It started out with a knowing that I was done with my college degree (even though I stayed and took only one class). I worked two jobs. I made some new friends. I came to point in which I was content with where God had me and what He had me doing.

Looking at some past blogging I have done has brought back some memories, such as all those first time driving experiences with Betty (like hitting a deer and that big snowstorm!), God working on my heart through books and preaching, and writing a poem.

A Life
A life so wonderfully, graciously given
A life beyond what thought can achieve
A life bound for a perfect Heaven
If only I can such a life believe.

A life not of lazy, hazy days
A life but more full and free
A life through turmoil and dark haze
If only such a life can be for me.

A life of overflowing joy and happiness
A life full of love unknown
A life in which I've made such a mess
If only my life in You I've grown.

A life, my life, as I have deemed it
A life I've thought to please myself
A life, my life, I've dug a pit
If only my life You do not shelf.

A life given wholly to You
A life much greater it shall be
A life, Lord, a work please do
If only my life I give unto thee.

It really is interesting taking a look back at the past year. To see where I've come from and where I've been

As we have already begun this new year, there are areas in my life I know need improvement. Who's life doesn't? I'm not too sure what the Lord has planned, but I am content with where he has me right now. I love my students and the area is growing on me.

I hope this update finds you doing well and looking forward to this new year.
God Bless,

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