Saturday, December 15, 2007

Do you ever feel like the whole world is crashing in around you? Mine has been like that lately. Well, I guess it is more of the outside world. Personally, I have been doing all right. I suppose you could say I have learned how to deal with things and be content. I'm not saying that it is easy for me, but that the Lord has given me the grace to do so.

There is so much going on with my family. Last weekend I had received news of my grandma's poor health. I didn’t have the money to fly up to Michigan, but my roommate paid my way and worked on getting my class covered. The Lord was certainly in all the details. I even shared that with my class after I returned. The flight to Detroit was overbooked and then when they called for boarding, Detroit had a weight restriction. Everyone could not go on that flight. I just made it onto the shuttle and the plan before the cut-off. Praise the Lord!

I am thankful for the time I got to spend with Gram while I was there. She just passed tonight, around 9pm. I'm feeling kind of numb at the moment. People often say they are sorry. What can be said to that? Nothing, really. I know I will be getting a round of "sorry's" tomorrow at church.

An answer to another prayer is that of a car. I've been car-less since last January when my little Toyota quit on my birthday. My dad had sold "Hank the Tank" last Christmas when I asked him to since the car was not being reliable for me. While I was home, my dad showed me the new-to-me car he got me. It's a little Dodge Neon. I'm very thankful. Dad is driving me back to VA and then he will fly back to MI.

Good night.

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