Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm getting a new student today. I've already been told he's a "slow and steady" worker. Oh boy. I already a few students who work slowly or not at all. The office had put this child in the other class, but my supervisor told them no and that he needs to be in my class. My supervisor told me that yesterday. He even said that if I think that he doesn't like me, it's just the opposite. He left my room with a goofy grin and saying he loves me (no, not in a romantic way...he was being a goober!).
I had to rearrange the seating in the classroom again. The groups just weren't working out. Too many "he's kicking me!" and such. I hope the new arrangement works better. My classroom is tiny and fitting all the desks and students can be tricky.
I had a meeting with the special ed. department of a local elementary school and one of my student's parents. It was interesting, but the way they seem to deal with students makes it sound like they have a zoo in there classroom. "Let the students get up and walk in the back of the classroom) was one suggestion. Small can do. Plus, all the other sets of eyes would be on the person walking, not facing front. I do find one suggestion feasible, though. I asked one of my students who has it all together to be a "backpack buddy" to the other child. The task was gladly accepted.
Well, I've got to finish getting ready. Today is my long day.
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