Thursday, May 15, 2008

Everyday I have to laugh at something my students have done or said. Recently, while talking about the bad weather and tornadoes, one of my girls was ordering lunch and in the process of asking for a large cereal, she said, "I want a large city." lol
On another day, my over-achiever, in all seriousness, answered geometry question about a 90 degree angle as a "left angle." I could hardly contain myself!
So, today was no different. The other 4th grade teacher came to room near the end of the day to ask me what the tune was for the president song we sing. I had no clue. She mentioned Michael Finnigan and then one of my kids said she thought it was Skip to My Lou. I knew it wasn't the latter, so I googled the other one and then the tune came back to me. It was the tune of our president song. I went over to the other class to let her know she was right. Then, when I walk back into my room, more than half of my class had an ear to the wall! They started scurrying to seats, but I surprised them by laughing and having them get back over there. I wanted picture!

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