Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's only Tuesday, but it has been an interesting week. Last night I heard from a friend back in Indiana. She told me that she bringing her girls to visit me this summer. I'm so excited! My family doesn't even make plans to see me, but a someone I came to know through babysitting is going to be here! I'm not upset with my family since I already know how things are with them. I'd love for my family to come see me but I don't foresee it happening any time soon. Anyway, I haven't seen Cathy and her girls since April of 2007 when I attended preaching conference at Fairhaven.

Then today I found out that a friend of mine is expecting! It was shocking news, but I'm excited for her and her family. I was one of the select few whom she told.

My supervisor is a goober. Just because I didn't get him anything from Starbucks when I went on a coffee run for another friend who couldn't go out at the moment, he hid my double chocolaty chip frappuccino on me. Goober. If only he knew… and I'll leave it at that :)

Today was our awards chapel for the kids. One of my students received the Principal's Award for having the highest average in the upper elementary. Sweet! During our indoor recess, my kids made me a couple "Best Teacher/Greatest Teacher/Greatest Leadership" awards. Too cute!

Near the end of the day, a high school student knocked on my door and asked of one of my students. She was in the middle of taking a test. I thought it was odd, but I let her go and found out upon her return that they (as in other staff) were able to connect with her dad in Iraq and she was able to see and talk to him. The wonders of technology. It was so sweet. From what I hear, they are going to do that Friday night during graduation (my student's brother is a senior) and he's going to address the grads. That's so exciting!

Well, some of my summer plans are starting to take shape. At the end of June, I will be attending a reunion week of Camp BIMI in Tennessee. I'll be riding down with friend from here. We're already taking about some of the stores we want to stop at along the way. Anyone ever hear of Hamricks? Sounds like a great money saving store. Another thing that is taking shape is continuing my education. I was looking at some of the summer courses being offered and knowing that I need to have some credits for my recertification coming up in a couple of years, I signed up. I'm only taking two classes, but that will be enough for me. The Christian Ethics class looks interesting and Teaching Methods does as well. I'm going to try to get ahead on the reading already. Those are the only two things I know for sure that I am going to do so far. I have some things I want to do, but I don't yet.

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