Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'd like some allergies with a side of more allergies

So I have been out of the hospital for about a month now. I've been to the asthma/allergy specialist, PCP, or dentist every week since I've been out. I double scheduled myself today and saw both the specialist and PCP. Between them both, I was poked 62 times.

Yes, there is reason for all the poking. I had an allergy test done today. Of the 62 pokes, 61 came from the testing. Of the 50 allergens they test for, I was allergic to 41 of them. I am highly allergic to trees, grasses, animals/mites/insect and moderately allergic to weeds and molds. Of the nine allergens I wasn't allergic to, there were two weeds and seven molds. This was one of those scratch tests where they poke with a small needle and some of the allergen solution.

What you don't expect to hear is the nurse saying the following types of statements when she walks in 15 minutes later to check on you:

"Oh, my!"
"I haven't seen someone that allergic in a long time!"
"Oh, my lands!"

Yeah, all from one nurse.

The doctor came in and told me that I won a prize for being the most allergic person all month. And what's my prize? Weekly allergy shots for the next six months. Oh, joy!* (*Read with sarcasm.)

They were all amazed at the level of allergic reaction to (drum roll, please) guinea pigs. Apparently, I am more allergic to them than cats.

Now, I have to leave school early on either Thursdays or Fridays to get the shots. I even have a doctor's note to do so. It's all right with the administration at school, but I still have to let my supervisor know. I may see him tomorrow to tell him about it.

When I was at the PCP, I received a Tdap shot (whooping cough/tetanus booster). That wasn't the main reason for me being there, but we'll see if it helps this school year. I still have to have some more blood work done to see about the high blood pressure and dizzy spells. The doctor want me to have a CBC, thyroid, and other things checked. Hopefully that will explain some the other things.

Other than that, I haven't used my inhaler since getting out of the hospital. I can't remember not ever using this long. Feels good!
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