Monday, December 26, 2005

MERRY CHRISTmas everyone! I hope you and yours had a great one!

MERRY CHRISTmas everyone! I hope you and yours had a great one!

My CHRISTmas was a bit different this year. I made it home on CHRISTmas Eve morning in time to go bus visiting with my church. I took my brother along as well. Quite a few kids said that they were going to go to church, which was such a blessing since it was going to be CHRISTmas morning. I also told my brother that I was going to be cutting his later that day because he looked very shaggy. After visiting, I did cut his hair. And he looks much better!
Then I took my brother CHRISTmas shopping since he had not been able to go out before then. I helped him find some stuff for Mom and Dad and showed him exactly what he could get me. We were going to stop at the local Red Apple to eat, but it was closed. I did not want fast food. So, on our way back home, we stopped at Subway (his treat). Then AJ and I went to the CHRISTmas Eve service at church.

We usually visit a family friend on CHRISTmas Eve, but we didn't this year.So, I stopped and visited her after the evening service on Sunday.

On CHRISTmas morning, we all went to church! That was my top CHRISTmas wish, to have my whole family attend church on CHRISTmas morning. What a blessing it was!

After church, we waited for my uncle to get to our house (he's mentally handicapped and lives in a group home). Then we opened our gifts. We all got some good stuff. My mom told me that Dad was tickled to get me a car emergency kit. I've been wanting one of those! It has one of those battery starters that comes in so handy since I often have problems with my battery charging right, although, its been better since Dad got me a bigger battery.

I made my first baby hat last night with this "Knifty Knitter" thing. I am working on number two right now!

All in all, I had a great CHRISTmas. How was yours?

Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year! God Bless!

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Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

My familiy and I had a wonderful Christmas! Our church ran the buses as well to pick up who ever wanted to come. We also had a special candlelight service that evening. It was really nice!