Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Today has been an emotional roller coaster for me. I feel...dejected. After I served the kids lunch, the director wanted to talk to me about my schedule. No problem there, I thought. Well, I guess my wanting to go home to celebrate my graduation was a problem with them. So was the possibility of flying out to an interview of a possible place to teach at. They didn't like it at all. So, they fired me, on the grounds of "playing the schedule". Huh? They knew I was graduating and I put in for time off a while ago. They approved it. It just wasn't convenient for them. So, I was told to think about it. I didn't know they already made up their mind, though. So, I was wrongly lied to and fired. BUT..God is in control. I've been talking to my pastor back home (I called him on my lunch break and then when I got off work since they let me finish today's shift). I cried, I was mad, I was sad...Hey, I'm a girl! Pastor said this is God's way of closing that door and getting me out of there. No holds. It hurts. Please don't think this as a sob story. It's not. It's a story of how God is working in my life at this moment. The Bible never said we would be "happy" all the time and that everything would go my way. It will go God's way. I have to be open to it. My pastor told me to quit blubbering and whining about it. We had some laughs, too. He asked me why I was so upset about and I told him that I had never been fired before. He laughed, I laughed. I didn't want to break that record, but it happened anyway. Well, enough for now. I've got a paper to finish and now I have more time to do so.
Oh yeah. During my lunch break, I locked my keys in my car. I saw a state trooper car outside and asked the librarian. He just called the local station and they sent out a police officer. He couldn't unlock (did not have his slim jim with him). So his boss came out. He opened it on the fourth try. What a day!

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