Wednesday, May 31, 2006

VA, here I come!

I am looking forward to going to VA this weekend. It is coming up really fast, though. I have to teach a lesson for part of my interview. It will be in front of at least 2 staff members, no kids. Yikes! I think that is a bit strange and will be difficult to do, I have been preparing. I was told that I can choose whatever subject I want to teach, but it has to be for the grade I student taught, so 4th grade. Believe it or not, I am going to do a math lesson. Not because I love math (I know I don't!), but because it is easier to teach the concept. Usually, it was 40-45 minutes per class period, but my interview lesson can be 20-30 minutes. I think I will be practicing on my roomie and perhaps my advisory teacher. That should help, I think.

I did call my advisory teacher yesterday. I asked her if I could borrow the math curriculum to look at the lesson plans. She told me that I couldn't borrow the current edition, but she had an older one that I am more than welcome to use. I took the first 80 lesson and will be looking through those today. I'd rather teach something I've done before! I did make my numbers for the board to use in the review drill. I took some post-it notes and glued on some computer printed numbers (size 350 font) and them laminated them. I only did 0-12.

I am going to take some other things with me, if I can. I want to take a visual I made and then some pictures of the bulletin boards I've made just to show them some of my work.

Last night was a long night. Someone went AWOL and we were up til 2:30-3:00 in the morning. She did return safe and sound, but her actions were quite selfish and caused a lot of worry. What a night!

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