Tuesday, May 29, 2007

From Friday, May 25, 2007

The past few days have been interesting, to say the least. Yesterday, the bookshelf that I use in my classroom came tumbling down. Oh yeah, this was during class, too. So, I challenged the kids to complete a 3 times table worksheet of a hundred problems before I got my shelf back up. Some finished before I did, but it certainly wasn't wasted time. They needed the review. So, after our check, 10 of my 16 got all 100 problems correct. =) My shelf looks fine now.
The other day at lunch, we ate outside. All was fine and dandy until I stepped on the rubber mats from the kitchen that were outside. My heels got stuck in the holes! I was trying to free one and stepped on the mat with the other foot and got that one stuck as well. Lisa (one of the kitchen ladies) came out right then and just started laughing at me. I was laughing too. Even some of my kids saw what had happened.
Earlier this evening, I went 40-45 minutes from where I live to attend a singles conference. I had a great time there. Of course, I didn't know a single person. No one else from my church attended. I still can’t believe I made it out there without getting lost! Praise God! I can get lost in my own back yard! While there, we played a few different games. In one of them, I almost lost my slip!
I get home and there's a message for me on the machine from one of my roommates. She asked me to shut the sprinkler off because she forgot to. I go out to check it and its not running. Ok, may she'd just losing it. Well, I try to do some laundry and there's no water. PERIOD! Great. I go to check the hose and sure enough, its on, but no water is coming out. She ran the pump dry! (Yes, we have well water right now.) I called my dad and he tells me what to do. I tried the easiest thing first and that does not fix the problem. Then, I try to unscrew the bolt and someone painted on it. I put some lubricant on it and it still won't budge. I guess I'll have to go to Karyn's or the school to shower. Not what I want to do at 7:30 a.m.
Oh well. The Lord knows all about it and He is in control.
We have one more week of school left! Today, my kids got to watch a movie. They are watching Ben-Hur ( a cartoon version) and they are enjoying it pretty well. I had to stop it early, but I will try to get the TV/VCR again on Tuesday for them.

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Cindy said...

Well it sounds like things are 'busy'! I do hope that you have water back soon. It is never fun to have to go else where to shower. The thing with your heel getting stuck, I can picture that one in my head! LOL