Friday, June 08, 2007

Year in Review

Wow. School is over. Today is the last out-service day as well. My summer vacation is here. I don’t plan on working this summer (well, not a “regular” job, anyway) but there is still plenty to get ahead on. I have to think through a new discipline plan for my fourth graders. Oh, by the way, it is official that I am teaching fourth grade next year. Some people ask if I’m ok with that. I am. I did student teach fourth grade, so its not completely new to me. Only the second semester curriculum will be. J

There are a few changes for this coming school year. One K5, two 1st, one 2nd, one 3rd, two 4th, one 5th, and one 6th. There are 6 staff members not returning in the fall and I think that there are 2 people being hired. One of this year’s 4th grade teachers is moving up to 6th and will also be our department supervisor. I think he will do a great job. I did go up to his classroom to ask him a few things and for ideas about next year. There will be a music teacher and possibly a computer teacher (I really do hope for a computer teacher because I don’t want to teach it), but PE will now just be incorporated into recess. I hope I have a consistent aide to take mine out. If not, Sheila and I will alternate turns with the kids. Another thing that is changing is my involvement with the daycare. I don’t plan on working in it this next school year. I want to be available to meet with parents after school and to be able to get my grades done and posted.

I’m flying home Monday. I am excited about seeing my family again. It’s been too long. That’s the only drawback about moving so far from home. I know this is where God wants me for the time being, so I know that I will not be happy anywhere else. I’d rather be happy, far from home, and in God’s will than be where I “want” to be, miserable, and out of God’s will. I’ll be chaperoning my brother’s choir trip to Cedar Point on Tuesday. I think my mom going, but my sister cannot due to work.

Well, that’s all for now. There are still things to be done. I’ll try to update more often this summer, time permitting. God Bless!

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