Thursday, June 21, 2007

Praise the Lord! =)

Well, the Lord has answered my prayer in 4 different ways in the last two days! It makes me think of the verse that says "what is man, that thou art mindful of him." I'm nothing really, but God will still provide.

I'll be busy, but it will all be good.

Today, I went in to help out in the library. I labeled and shelved close to 200 books in 6 hours. The juvenile book section is being cataloged rearranged and that is going to be one of my projects this summer. Tomorrow I'm planning on being in the library for 8 hours. Now that I know more of what needs to be done, I think it'll move a little faster.

While working on the books, I think I pinched a nerve in my back. It hurts so much! I just took some pain reliever and have a heating pad on it to try to take the edge off the pain. If I am sitting or standing without any other movement, I'm ok. But, I can't be still for that long. I'm always shifting about. I do hope it gets better quickly.

Well, that's all for now. Have a blessed day!


Cindy said...

God is always faithful and will always answer our prayers . . . the exciting thing is to see how He anwers them. I pray that your back is better soon!!!!

PowerHouse Youth Center said...

Hi Nicole,
Thanks for visiting my blog, Melissa's Garden, also thanks for the compliment. The credit goes to my outstanding webmaster, Kobe Greene, check out some more of her work at DKCD Designs.
I am sorry to read about the discomfort with your back, I will pray for a speedy recovery and for the Lord's presence until then. Be blessed.(By the way, my daughter's middle name is Nicole, I think it is a lovely name.)