Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wow! What an interesting weekend. Friday after school I decided it was time to wash my car and touch up the paint job my dad did to it. Not too bad, but my finger is still stiff from using two spray cans. Then I figured I might as well water the flowers and vegetable garden while I had the hose out. I don't usually do anything with the landscaping or rabbit food, but my roommate who does was out of town for the weekend. Feeling rather good, I decided to mow the lawn, but gave up after doing the section by the road. Heavy gas mower, very uneven ground, too many rocks, and an asthma flare up.

Then on Saturday, I was asked to help make the favors for the Mother-Daughter Banquet. After 304 cards, my hands were quite colorful. Each card was handmade with stamps and such. I came up with some cute designs, but the little girl stamped cards that another lady was working on turned out so cute! Then I cleaned the college building. After that, I was recruited to help with the college banquet in the nursery. I was told it would be about 2 hours, but it was really a little over 3. I chose to watch the babies and we only had 4. There were 2 other nurseries, but the turnout for the use of the nursery was a lot smaller than expected.

At church today, I found out that our current administrator is accepting a pastorate position, starting next week. He's going to finish up the school year, though. While it's always hard to see good people leave a church, it's a blessing to see them leave to further the work of Christ. The church gave him a farewell fellowship after the evening service. The school will be looking for a new administrator now. Please pray for wisdom in that area.

Oh, another thing about today (btw, that was a mild interjection...this is stuff I'm teaching my 4th graders...stuff I didn't even learn!), we received A LOT of rain. Must have been because I washed my car. :)

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