Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Me, Jay, and Nessa at the National Christmas Tree in Washington DC. :)


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Merry Christmas Nicole and to Jay and Nessa, too. :)

Sixty and Singing said...

I am brand new to the blogging work, and I was drawn to your blog by its title but have been a bit disappointed in what I have seen as I read through it. I thought this was about finding God's will and doing it? I understand that we are all a work in progress and have much room to grow in our faith, but don't you think that your posts should indicate that you really are "looking to please God, not man"? You share some heart-warming stories and lessons learned, and then you go off on tangents and show quite a bit of immaturity.

What does your obvious offense at not receiving a gift from a few people have to do with looking to please God? Gifts are given from the heart, not EVER with the expectation of something in return - then it is no longer a gift. What if God had that attitude toward us? You do realize that your comments about the gift and the Christmas cards paints you in the same negative light that you painted the others that didn't get you a gift? Unfortunately, this life isn't about being practical, as you mentioned - at least not for the Christian - it's about selflessness, something the world would view as quite impractical. So many of your posts speak of the unexpected blessings God has given you through others - money, the free use of multiple cars, a plane ticket, voluntary car repair. If these individuals would have been thinking about what is "practical," they would have kept their time and money for themselves. The practical thing to do is to take care of their own families, put money into savings, and rest on the weekend for a long work week, not repair someone's car. Aren't you thankful that these individuals didn't take the same attitude towards you as you did towards not giving/receiving a gift or a card? Selflessness.

The mothering - oh how we detest it, even from our own mothers! Did this person actually say, "You should be just like me," or are you just reading into it? I ask because I sense from your posts that you are quite an independent person who would bristle at the thought of anyone trying to mother. As someone quite a few years older, I can say that I mother - not just my own children, but young married and single ladies I come into contact with. The Bible does command the older women to teach the younger. Anyone who has been where you are headed can teach you something. It is my experience that those who mother aren't usually trying to turn others into replicas of themselves, but are rather trying to help others be the very best version of themselves that they can be. They see a weakness, a struggle, or maybe a naive indiscretion and set out to help others correct it. They care. If I were you, I would be worried if no one in your life was mothering. Now, once again, I could be wrong, and the person you are speaking of could just be a real egotistical jerk, but ask yourself, "Does this person have any life experience that I do not? Is this person in my life by choice, or did God place this person there? Does this person desire to serve God as I do?" If you can answer "yes" to the first and third questions, regardless of your answer to the second, take this as an opportunity to learn something - anything! If this person is in your life by choice and really is the egomaniac that you paint, then remove this person from your life. If God placed this person in your life, then figure out the reason why. You are that "older woman" (physically or spiritually) to someone, and I bet you do some mothering in your own way :-) It really is the way God made us!

Yes, I know that what I have written is unabashed mothering. I just see a beautiful young lady who I do believe is "looking to please God, not man" but seems to find herself struggling with her spirit.

I will pray for you, Nicole - that you can see God's hand in every circumstance in your life, that you don't let Satan win control over your spirit - and that God brings that desire of your heart (whatever his name may be) not when you want it, but when you are truly ready to receive it.

In the meantime, keep posting those encouraging words about teaching and about those unexpected blessings, and keep sharing those nuggets from God's Word! I am sure that I will re-read many of your posts and will comment on the blessing that they were to me. I look forward to seeing how the Lord continues to work in your life.