Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a day! I had to assign 200 sentences to one student for running the hall and trying to argue with me about it. Then, I had a student complain about not feeling well, so we called his mom. She said she'd try to get there when could. It wasn't soon enough. This student up-chucked all over the boys' bathroom. And it stunk. I put on gloves, grabbed some paper towels, had a garbage bag doubled, had a student fill the mop bucket, and had another student go to the supervisor's class to ask for the aide I thought was in that day. The aide was not in so the Josh came down to see what the matter was. I told him and then he offered to clean up the mess. I am very grateful for that. I would have had a hard time keeping my own breakfast down.

My class got to see a black widow spider today. Someone brought it to my class asking if my kid would be interested in seeing it. It was in a covered glass jar inside a coffee container. I showed the kids and passed it along to the sixth grade. I had never seen a black widow in person. I never want to see another one. :)

I check out the local Freecycle chapter from time to time and try to see if there's anything useful being offered. I asked about a heated foot spa yesterday and was chosen to be the recipient of it. I picked it up earlier this evening. I'm delighted to have one in my possession now, but was brought a smile to my face was the little boy who opened the door. I wasn't sure which item was mine on the porch and I saw a light on in the house, so I rang the doorbell. A little boy, about 5-8 years old, answered the door. I could tell right away that he had Downs Syndrome. Well, after I found out which bag was mine, I was heading to my car and the little boy held out his hand and said, "Help!" and helped me down the stairs! It was too cute! He was going to try to walk me to my car as well, but I told him that he was very sweet, but since it was raining, he should go back to his dad so he wouldn't get wet. Seeing that little boy just brightened my day!

I did use the foot spa and it felt wonderful. :)
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