Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Yesterday was a long day at work. 9 hours with no lunch break. This happened because we had an in-service teacher's meeting. It went pretty well. They talked about ways to improve and such and then it was opened to the rest to make comments. They started talking about me because I am pulling double duty there because I am their cook and a teacher. They said I am the best cook they have ever had (mainly because I am nice to the kids and not mean to them). I thought they were just saying that because I was sitting right there in front of them, but when I went and checked on the nappers in the two's room (a few were awake and moving around), I could hear the remaining staff talking about me again saying what a good job I was doing. I don't like being talked about, whether I am in the room or not, good or bad. Things like that could make one get a big head. I really don't think I have done that good of a job. I have made some really dumb mistakes. Anyway...

Before the meeting, I feed the kindergarten crew of 5 early again. Since they did not have school Friday or Monday, I didn't have to feed anyone early. I gave them each 4 M&Ms (from a funsize package) and they were why I gave them candy. I told them that I missed them. They one said "You thought about us?" I told them I sure did. Another girl said that she thought about me too. I said "You did?" She said "Yes. I thought about how much I love you." How sweet! The others soon chimed in with saying they loved me too. It was really cute. I love working with kids.

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Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

You must be doing a good job if the kids love you!
I like working with the kids in our church's nursery.