Monday, March 27, 2006


Saturday was great and I didn't want it to end. My mom, sister, and brother pulled in moments before my unsuspecting aunt and I had them pull around to the back lot. Then My aunt pulled in and I told her to I wanted to show her something and that she should park in the back. She pulled into the spot right in front of my mom. My aunt talked for a bit and then looked up and said that the lady in that car looked like me, the she almost looked like my mom. I told her it was my mom! What a happy reunion it was! Then we went out for dinner at Ryan's and then we went to the mall.
My aunt bought my brother a new pair of jeans and a t-shirt and then she and my sister got the top of their ear pierced and tried talking me into it, but I said no. One hole in each ear is plenty for me! It did get to sit in those massaging chairs. That felt so good on my aching back.
I start house-sitting/puppy-sitting tonight! Yay! I can't wait! I get to have a whole house to myself for about a week. And a dog! It will certainly be refreshing.
I am done with school in less than two months! Wow! Time sure does fly.
Have a blessed day!


Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Dog sitting? I hope that goes well for you!
We had to use a dog sitter once several years ago. We had to go out of town for several days and since one of our outdoor dogs had 9 puppies, we thought it would be a GOOD idea to have someone check on them everyday. :)

Cathy McNabb said...

Hows my Rufus? Anyway, there is a good chance we will be back Thursday night. We are running out of Candy. I will call and tell you.