Thursday, March 16, 2006

The day care is quite interesting. Last night after the last child left, April and I had to rearrange a few things and make small, green footprints around the building. Now, I do not celebrate St. Patrick's Day for what it has become (greedy money seeking), but at the day care, they have their parties (today and tomorrow). So, when they came in this morning, they were told that Finnigan the Leprechaun played some tricks on us (the rearranging) and left muddy footprints all over. They tried to keep quiet so they could hunt him down. Jody said she was going to set a trap and try to catch him later (liquid gold gold glitter in a clear cup). After a little bit, the teachers were saying that they saw him running. Then came the chase. Those kids ran to each room looking for Finnigan. Then Jody showed the cup and it was green. They did not catch him, but he left a note and some shamrock stickers and green plastic coins. They kids were cute running around looking for Finnigan.

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