Sunday, April 01, 2007

Lost Innocence

I would think that a 7-9 year old would not know much of the ways of the world, but its not so in this day and age. Parents have let the television raise their kids and the product is not good. The television standards have dropped drastically since when it first came out. Adult cartoons are now being watched regularly by children. And no one seems to care. Kids are being shown that it is ok to lie when it gets them out of trouble. The Bible says "thou shalt not lie."

I am appalled by the lack of respect children have for adults. There should be no reason at all for a child to argue with an adult. I am trying to get my students to see that it is very rude to do that. When told to do something by someone of authority over them, they ought to say "yes ma'am/sir" and do it with no discussion. Parents are to blame for this lack of training, especially when they allow the child to argue. Kids are supposed to be sweet and innocent, but the reality is that they are rude, cocky, and have rotten attitudes.

Even working in daycare, the kids are so cruel to each other. Gossiping, scheming, bad mouthing. Where do they get this. Sadly, they most likely see it at home where their role models are. Mom, Dad, are you setting a good example for your children? Do you want them to be exactly like you. Really, take inventory of your life and figure out what characteristics you would like your children to have and improve upon them yourself.

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