Saturday, April 28, 2007


Hello everyone.
I have been busy, but that's nothing unusual! I thought I would share some updates:

Test results~ Of course, everything came back normal. The only thing that was "noted" was that with the back x-ray was that the lumbar area is narrow. That's all I was told. So, I still have no idea what is wrong with me.

School~ A month to go! Where has the time gone? I can't believe that the school year is coming to an end. Although, I am going to run out of curriculum before I run out of school days! :) My kids did a great job on this last fundraiser. We exceeded our class goal and I think I have the school's top seller as well. So, now I have to plan a pizza party for my kids as a reward. I'll enjoy doing that.

Preaching Conference~ I needed it so much. Yes, I needed the messages (and I still need to order the set) and I needed that refresher of being able to see people I know. Granted, I've been in VA almost 8 months now, I still miss so many people. I did find out that there are other alumni not too far from me, so maybe I'll try to get in touch with them.

Summer~ It looks like a trip to CA is out now. Mimi wants everyone there for her birthday, but I still have school at that time. Too bad. Now, I will be going to MI for two weeks! I asked Mr. J to let Pastor know that I would like my name on the helper list for Neighborhood Bible Time. I have missed it SOOOO much for the past 4 years due to working and staying at Fairhaven during the summer. I'm even willing to work with the teens! That's a shocker to me! I'm looking forward to this summer.

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