Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wir haben schnee! It finally looks like winter around here! Too bad it didn't come early enough to have a "schnee tag" or snow day. I started out with 11 of my 14 students and by dismissal, I only had 6 left! I've got to say, as much as I don't really like snow, I sure do miss it. This living in the South really messes my seasons up. I am used to seasons of construction, more construction, still construction, and winter (remember, I am from Michigan). The second semester is the longest haul, being five months long. I'd like to have a day off to just catch up. I'm practically going to live at school/church next week due to (of course) teaching, Missions Conference, and the college accreditation visit (I clean the college and have to have it looking extra nice for the visit). The college looks nice and all already, but I have to be there a little more. Oi.

Gute Nacht!

Oh, you may be wondering why I'm writing in German here and there. I did take a year of German in high (which seems so long ago now). Well, today during class, I taught my students how to say, "we have snow," in German. It was kind of funny listening to them later on in the day when they were trying to recall the phrase.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole!

I just happened upon your blog recently. Thanks for the recent posting. It's good to hear from a college friend!

Rebecca G.

Nicole said...

Hey Becca! How are you?