Thursday, January 31, 2008

It got better

Ok, so that last post was posted before church last night. Now, while the day started rough, it a rather pleasant ending. After the good Bible study we had, a friend brought me a cake that she made. I shared it with my class today during lunch. Then, after I spoke to a student's parents about ODACS, someone offered to take a look at my car door. After a few minutes of looking at it, this person figured out the problem, went and bought the parts needed, and fixed it! It figures that it was a trivial thing. The door paneling clips brought, causing the paneling to be loose. It got stuck on the door frame molding. And it got stuck pretty well. We had a good laugh at that. Then, I had an enjoyable time of fellowship with someone.
I even got a call from my family, which is always nice. So, all in all, it was a decent day. :)

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Nicholas Z. Cardot said...

Well then. It turned out all right after all. Now I am laughing. You got the door fixed and everything worked out all right! Good to hear it!