Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last weekend, I was able to go to MD to visit one of my former college roomies. I had a wonderful time! The change of scenery and people was very welcome and refreshing. Jen and I caught up and watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on Friday night (a family from the school was able to drop me off at the Metro station) after she picked me up. Then, we went to visitation devotions before heading off to Wal-Mart so Jen could finish an errand. Of, by the way, the chicken parmasean from Pizza Hut is EXCELLENT! Before we went to the corn field maze, we spent a couple hours at a mall and had lunch there. The maze was great! I had never been to one before. It took us almost two hours to find our way out! I stole all these pictures from Jen since I didn't have my camera with me for this trip.
I certainly enjoyed my mini-but-much-needed-vacation. The only thing is, I came back sick and it turned into bronchitis. Tomorrow at school, we have our fundraiser incentive of the teacher dunk tank. My students are totally pumped about dunking me. I told them it wouldn't happen becasue they all can not throw and that the'll miss the target completely. :) I'm planning on bringing my swim cap and goggles for a special effect.


Thomas and Annie (and he has a pumpkin under his shirt)

Thomas and Annie again
Sherry with her maglight
Sherry (Jen's sister..she also went to Fairhaven)

Sam (or Rockstar, Mr. Mom, or James Dean depending on Jen's!)

Nadia and I on the hayride

Me in the corn maze

Josh (or as Random Person as Jen called him), Dan, and Sam

On the hayride

A few group shots :)

One of those candid "gotcha" shots of Dan

Dan and Sam

Dan and I not too long after we arrived at the River Valley Ranch Corn Maze

An 8 months pregnant Annie and I

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