Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sometimes, I really dislike being a female. Mainly, it has to do with emotions. I can't stand feeling excited, confused, upset, frustrated, mad, depressed, alone, and crowded all at the same time. I wish other things were clear-cut and easy to understand. Well, one situation in particular, anyway.

So I had CPR training Saturday. I was not happy about it being scheduled at the last minute and take away my only day to get something done on top of that. My hand hurts from all the compression practice we had to do. The class took about 2 hours since we spent 2 hours taking the first aid portion online. This is the second time I have taken a CPR class and while I'm glad I know how to do, I'm even more glad I've never had to use it on any one.

College midterms are coming up as well as the school's first quarter. I'm looking forward to going to the teacher's convention next month. I get to room with Kammie! That'll be fun!

Nessa and Jay came down for a visit Saturday afternoon. We had a good time and didn't spend too much money. We all had SOBE's and SlimJims for our movie snacks. We made Jay watch two chick flicks. lol

My class is going to drive me up the wall this year. I feel so bad for having such a short fuse, but these kids just don't listen! I am trying to work on my response to them and Lord willing, it will get better as I let Him work through me.
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