Sunday, October 26, 2008

VBC Ensemble at Hanover

The VBC Ensemble sang for the first time in a church service tonight. It was a wonderful experience. Mr. Walton said that the US Marine Corps motto is Semper Fidelis, meaning "always faithful." He then went on to say that the Christian's motto should be Semper Gumby, meaning "always flexible." We needed to be tonight. Brooke was out of town (she the accompanist) but came back this afternoon. Wendy was already going to be the accompanist for the evening. With me having bronchitis, my voice is nowhere close to being back 100% so I was not able to sing at all with the group, but Brooke sang in my place. I was the official page turner for the evening (well, Adam said I paged the!). Everything still worked out well. We went to Panera for dinner after the service and had a great time there as well.

The VBC Ensemble
(Mr. Walton, Adam, Ashley, Brooke, Hope, Nicole)

Tim, Adam, and Ashley


The girls




Random pic of me

Hope, Brooke, and our cute little buddy watching the inchworm special olympics
(you had to be there to understand)

Hope and Brooke

Random pic of Hope

Staged random pic

Brooke and our little buddy

Random pic of Brooke

Ashley, Hope, and Brooke

Ahsley attacking Hope and Brooke...who knows!

Random pic of Ashley

Ahsley and Brooke

Ahsley and Adam

Nice one, Ashley!



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