Thursday, March 06, 2008

I felt worse yesterday than I did on Tuesday, but now I am feeling pretty well. I'm thankful for that. I don't know why, but today feels like Friday instead of Thursday.

Well, the girls in my class had their first "big issue" today. I have one girl who puts on the martyr complex and says that no one likes her (and this is being said as she separates herself from the group). I noticed this yesterday during lunch. All of my students went to lunch and sat at the same table (we get three tables to sit at during lunch). Just as I finished up making a comment about that to another teacher, this girl gets up and moves two tables away, all by herself. I talked to her for a few minutes only to hear that "no one likes me" complaint. I reminded her of Prov. 18:24. She still chose to sit by herself.

Then, at the end of recess, she waited to be the last in line and lagged the whole way in. When we got to the classroom, I dismissed the boys to wait at the end of the hall (we were getting ready for choir) and spoke to the girls. Two were in tears by the end of the discussion. I told them to have a group hug (and one thought I was joking) and then dismissed them to head down to choir. The two with tear-streaked faces ran for the tissue box and then hugged again.

My aim as a teacher here is not just to teach the academics, but the Biblical principles to live a successful Christian life. I don't claim to be the perfect example, but these kids are my responsibility.

On a humorous note, during bathroom break, one of my boys was walking to get in line (incorrectly, I might add) and he walked right into the wall. I couldn't help but giggle. :)

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