Saturday, March 01, 2008

What a day!

Well, today has been very interesting. Saturdays are my only day to sleep in during the week and when I went to bed last night, I was determined to sleep in. The only thing is, my phone rang a little after nine (well, that was sleeping in since I get up at six the rest of the week). My friend Karyn calls me and asks if I can take her girls to a birthday party and to deliver the cake so she can go to see a doctor (ends up being an infection in her lymph nodes). I tell her I can. At this point, I still have to clean the college building. So I get up and and do that with a few minutes to spare to get ready. So, my car is loaded up with the beautiful Disney Princess cake that Karyn made, the gift, and the car seats for the girls (pre-school age). I'm given my directions and they seem fairly easy to follow. Now, mind you, I am not from this area and I don't venture out to unfamiliar territory. So, off we go. I make it to the exit I need, make a left and travel for miles down a beautiful country road that winds and bends, all at the posted 55mph. I enjoyed that. Then, it tees off and I make a right. Hmm. That was a stop sign, not a stoplight. That's not in my directions. Then I proceed several more miles and end up in Bowling Green. Oh boy. I turn around and back-track. Then, of all things, I run out of gas. As I'm coasting, I know that all the gas stations were at the freeway exit, which was still about 5 miles away. Then, as my slows, there is a small, old country store with old fashioned pumps. I was able to coast in , but didn't make it to the pump. A couple of guys helped me by pushing the car to the pump. I know that God was in that. :)

Well, we get back to the freeway and try for the next exit. That was 8 miles away. Well, we turned around headed back home. That was almost 2 hours of diving and we never reached our destination. Well, I brought the girls back to my house. The adventure did not end there. One of my roommates was home and had some craft stuff that the girls could. They had ate a popsicle outside. They played with the core ball thing and then all of a sudden, its out in the road. This ball went across 6 lanes of traffic without incident! Oh, we were laughing so hard. Then my roommates went to retrieve the ball. Then Karyn comes by and visits with us. She lets me know that the directions were wrong. I was supposed to turn right and then left. I had the right exit.

Oh, what a day! I'm exhausted.
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