Friday, March 21, 2008

This has been an interesting week. This was one morning that I could sleep in and my eyes popped open at 8 am.

Monday morning, as I was talking with Sheila, Josh joins in. He then tells us about a mishap that happened to him Sunday night. He told us that he has changed into his basketball clothes (the guys play basketball after church) and that he had put his cell phone in his hoodie pocket. He used the restroom and when he flushed and turned around he heard a splash. He looked back just in time to see his cell phone go down the toilet! lol What a way to start the week!

Yesterday, my twin boy students walked into the classroom carrying a couple of things. One had some cupcakes and the other had some flowers. How sweet!

Since I didn't have vase, I had to use a water bottle that was still sitting on my desk. :)

I am going to enjoy having a couple days off. I got all of my grading caught up, entered the grades on the computer program we use, turned them in (end of the 3rd quarter), already finished next week's lesson plans, posted my homework on the web, and turned in honor roll names. And, I was even able to leave early and I was able to get my cleaning job done early as well. I like being able to get things done.


Nicholas Z. Cardot said...

Sounds like your having fun. Enjoy the cupcakes and have a great Easter!

Nicole said...

Oh, they were good! You have a great Easter, too!