Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ok, so I've been sitting here at my computer for the past few hours attempting to write my research paper. I'm out of practice, that's for sure! It's only a 5 page paper, but it is taking me forever! Not to mention, it's not exactly an easy topic to find information on. I chose to write on the the mental effects of woman who have had abortions. There's really not a lot out there.

On another note, I will be blessed with another addition to my already packed classroom. Now, I will have 16 boys and 9 girls. I have the largest class in the elementary. Oi.

My foreign student started to open up a bit in class yesterday! That was great to see. He even said a few things in his mother tongue and laughed at me when I tried to repeat him. :)

Haha...another thing happened yesterday that made me laugh. On of my girls gave me hug and said that she liked me most of the time. Then she said that sometimes I'm just fierce! LOL! I'll take that. ;)

I made THE cutest things today at the Stampin' Up party! I love going to those. We made a card and 4 candy bar wrapper things. I loved it!

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