Friday, September 05, 2008

Well, school has been in session for two weeks now. It feels more like two months, though. This is going to be a year of testing for me and I know I can only succeed with Christ's strength. I still can't believe I have 24 students with 15 of them boys! Wow!

Normally, I do not remember my dreams, but the past few weeks I have had some doosies! The first one was about an old high school friend and how he was trying to kill me. Then, I had one where another friend called me up to comfort me during a trying time. Then, my sister was trying to steal people's blood to sell. She needed the money. The other night I dreamed I was at a convention and only recognized two faces. One of the two I recognized then held my hand.

I have no idea where those things are coming from!

I did finish up my teaching methods class. I still have my five page research paper to do for my ethics class, though. That's due next week.

I received a huge blessing last week by way of a donation! I don't know who it was, but the Lord does!

On Labor Day, I went to the park with a friend and her girls followed by my first visit to King's Dominion. I had a great time! I really liked the Dominator! I rode it twice.

These girls are so cute! We were on the observation deck of the Eiffle Tower thing at King's Dominion.

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