Monday, November 03, 2008

Just a regular day

So, I deal with kids all day. Many come up with these really lame excuses as to why they didn't finish (or start) their homework and today was no different. Mind you, they had the weekend to complete it and they had time to work on it (even finish it) in class on Friday. The biggest excuse I get is, "I didn't have time." Parents, please realize that the job of your child is to be a good student, not excuse maker. I get to talk to one parent who asked me if I read the note in the steno (which I had not since their child was tardy today). Apparently, as he was working on his book report with his father, the wise man that he is, realized that his done did not even read the book (which he had a month to do so). So, dad wrote a note to let me know that his child needs to have a "zero" for not completing the book. I completely agree. This is the second book he has failed to read this year. I am glad that his parents are stepping up and showing him that it is important to complete the tasks set before you. Thank you.

In after-school care in the pre-school (I work there when needed throughout the week), the kids were so wound up. A bunch of them wanted me to time them as they ran around the playground (a whopping 12-15 seconds that it takes). One little boy then says, "I'm fast than a car with sneakers!" Hehe... Oh, there was also a fender bender across the street as a little black car rear-ended a little black truck. This road is ridiculous. This stuff happens daily around here since it is so busy.

I'll be voting after school tomorrow. Josh is letting my borrow his car since mine is on the fritz again. I wanted to vote before school, but after will have to do.

Well, it's time to finish reading the book I started. I have enjoyed ending the evening with some light reading.
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