Monday, November 17, 2008

Nobody likes a boring spelling class!

These are my notes from the teachers' convention.

I. Primary objectives of spelling
a. Teach the spelling of many words
b. Learn to use the words correctly
c. Teach spelling rules

II. Other objectives
a. Increase vocabulary
b. To use a dictionary
c. To enjoy good poetry

III. Homework
a. How to set up the paper
b. Give HW 3x a week
c. Use good penmanship and copy carefully
(Could use as a penmanship grade)
d. Vary the assignment
(alphabetical order, 1x, 2x, write list backwards, make it a story, syllables, sentences)
e. Spelling Club - only have to write list 1x rather than 2x
f. Have students tell parents the list
g. Have students write and say the list at the same time

IV. Introducing a new lesson
a. Pronounce each word, emphasizing its sounds and syllables
b. Class repeats
c. Explain the meaning of unfamiliar words
d. Use each word in a sentence
f. Point out other aids in memorization

V. Practice the list
a. Say, spell, say (lasagna, l-a-s-a-g-n-a, lasagna)
b. Vocabulary: pursue, p-u-r-s-u-e, to chase, pursue
c. Vary the groups and the ways the words are spelled
(Football, cheerleader, boys, girls, computer, frog, crescendo, decrescendo, snap/stomp/clap)
d. Other activities (to be done after the list has been recited at least once)
contests, ruler tap, instant recall, proof-reading exercises, scramble words
e. Be creative

VI. Pen/paper reviews
a. Sentence dictation - listening skill, accuracy, and good penmanship
b. Copy Cats
c. 100% rows
d. Sweet Success
e. Be creative

VII. Poetry
a. Read it to the class with good expression and have them follow along
b. Explain the meaning of unfamiliar words
c. Mark pauses or accented words
d. Add motions
e. Work on the whole section, not line by line
f. Enjoy it
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