Monday, November 10, 2008

Today was interesting. Well, over the weekend, I noticed my bank account seriously lacking in funds and was hit with some overdraft fees. The only thing was, I was pretty sure I was set up so that wouldn't happen. I opened a savings account that could be pulled from. Apparently, that didn't happen. So, I planned a trip to the bank to figure out what happened. Now, with my car out of commission (which I think I narrowed down the problem and shared that with my dad), I was going to walk to the bank (not the first time I've done it either). As I was grabbing my purse, someone stopped me to ask me where I was going. I told him that I needed to take care of something at the bank and then he asked me to deposit his checks at his bank and that I could take his car. Yeah. Sure. No problem.
I was able to get things cleared up at my bank and even able to get the fees taken cared of. Big relief there. So, I then went to the other bank to make the deposits. I went through the drive-through line and everything was all well until I had one of those nearly choking experiences by the words coming someone else's mouth. Now, mind you, they weren't "bad" words, but they certainly weren't expected, either. As I was waiting for the receipt, the teller said, "Have a great day MRS. *_____*!" What?! No way!
Now, that takes a bit of trust for someone to ask another to make a deposit for them, so I was thinking that I was at least considered trustworthy. But, for someone else to think of me as his wife....ACK! And to think I used to do business with this bank...

Anyway, I am looking forward to the teachers' convention this week. Only two more school days and then off to Hampton. I even get to see some people from Fairhaven as well as some other friends from VBC. It'll be a better year for me, I think. It helps to finally know some other people outside of FBS (not that there's anything wrong with the people I know).

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