Friday, January 20, 2006

Graduate Update Dec 05-Jan 06

Hello one and all!

It has been a long time since I have sent out an update, so here it comes!
It is official! I am a college graduate! I have finished my course requirements for the Elementary Education degree as of December 2005. So, what am I doing now? I had already planned on staying near the college to keep working at my cleaning job to pay off as much as I can on my college bills. I had also planned on getting a second job. Well, I wanted to get an apartment, but that did not work out, so I am taking one class and staying in the dorm. I had to pray and think long and hard about that decision. I was very ready to be out of the dorm and into my own place. It is working out for the better for me to stay in the dorm because the cost includes room and board.

Before I left to go home for Christmas break, I did some job hunting in Chesterton. I wanted a job close to the school due to the fact that my car is a gas guzzler. Well, I had an interview at a local day care a couple days before I left. I was hired! I am now a pre-school teacher at Wee Care Child Development Center. I am only part time, but it sure does help. I am also able to pick up more hours every now and then. So, that is another blessing!

I enjoyed being home with my family as well as my church family for the week I made it home. Christmas was great because not only it is the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but that my whole family attended church with me Christmas morning. It is the first time that has happened in all my years. It was the best Christmas gift I received. I even got to see my Uncle Roger in whom I had not been able to see during my previous visits home. I spent some time with my parents and some one on one time with Nessa and AJ and I even went out with a couple of girls from college who live near me (in Ypsi).

I still enjoy being involved in the ministry here. I really love working with my 1st grade girls in Master Clubs. They keep things interesting. I have been going bus visiting with my friend Carol for well over a year now every Saturday. Just recently, there have been some changes on the route, but I think the transition will be pretty smooth. It is so neat to see the children growing up, especially those who I have had in the 0-6 month nursery. I have been in there for almost 4 years now (I guess I haven't aged enough to be! j/k). I just can't believe how quickly they grow, but I truly enjoy taking care of those babies.

I am looking forward to April because it is not only Preaching Conference, but I may have some teaching interviews during that time. I would like to be teaching at an academy for the 06-07 school year, but that is entirely in the Lord's hands. I want to be where He wants me to be. As of right now, I plan on staying in Indiana until at least July 28, 2006. My friend Carol is getting married then and I am in her wedding as a bridesmaid. I may be taking a trip to Ohio for another wedding in June, but I'm not quite sure yet. This wedding is for my co-worker (and fellow classmate). Other than that, I have no other plans than just to work and do well in the one class that I am taking.

I can not believe how fast college has went by! It was even faster than high school! I will be walking with my senior class in May. More information to come on that later. I would love to hear how everyone else is doing. You can email or even snail-mail me if you would like. Have a great day!

God Bless,
~ Nicole Stiers

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