Sunday, January 29, 2006

A little more about last night

I wanted to post a little more on the deer incident from last night. We were heading to work along a road we take 3 times a week. We never saw a deer out that way before. It hit the driver side headlight, breaking the plastic covering then it hit the hood of the car denting it pretty good, hit my side of the windshield (passenger side) bending a wiper and the antenna, and finally slid over the top of the car but also denting it a little bit. It was very scary and we were a little bit shaken by what had happened. It was Betty's biggest fear to hit a deer (another girl's car was totaled during the summer after hitting a deer).

It's crazy that the mind goes into the "what if" mode after something like that happens. I was reading a book since there was some daylight left and my first reaction was to cover my face with the book (like it would stop the blow of an animal flying through the window). What if it did break the window? Would it have broken my neck?

Praise the Lord that nothing really bad happened. I was trying hard to shut off the "what if" mode last night. I had weird dreams last night, but none of them had anything to do with hitting a deer! God Bless, everyone!

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Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Wow! I'm sure you were scared to death!
My Daddy and Momma hit a deer over a year ago and it scared them too. Momma was laying back in the seat resting and was terrified when the air bags came out; she didn't know what had happened. Thankfully they were both fine and there wasn't too much damage done to the car.