Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Life: a poem by me

A Life

A life so wonderfully, graciously given
A life beyond what thought can achieve
A life bound for a perfect Heaven
If only I can such a life believe.

A life not of lazy, hazy days
A life but more full and free
A life through turmoil and dark haze
If only such a life can be for me.

A life of overflowing joy and happiness
A life full of love unknown
A life in which I've made such a mess
If only my life in You I've grown.

A life, my life, as I have deemed it
A life I've thought to please myself
A life, my life, I've dug a pit
If only my life You do not shelf.

A life given wholly to You
A life much greater it shall be
A life, Lord, a work please do
If only my life I give unto thee.
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